Ensuring proper consultation and long-term management of stroke conditions

  Level 3, Block C

The centre is a Level 4 acute hospital with direct access to Royal Rehabilitation Hospital.

The Stroke Centre of Excellence at the Midlands Specialist Private Hospital is a 10-bed unit, fully equipped to care for patients with these specific conditions. The cardiac intensive care unit can accommodate three acute stroke patients at any given time for acute management of thrombolysis.

Our comprehensive radiology services are located on the same level and within proximity of the Emergency and Trauma Department. It is available 24 hours a day. Emergency response services (ambulances) are on-site and ready to immediately respond to urgent cases.

Midlands Specialist Private Hospital has three on-site laboratory services. Our state-of-the-art Cath lab, which boasts a bi-plane facility, can conduct neurological intervention on-demand.

At Midlands Specialist Private Hospital, we are cognisant of the fact that strokes can be life-changing. This affects not only the patient but also the family and social circle. In this instance, we are affiliated with the Royal Rehabilitation hospital, ensuring patients get proper consultation about the long-term management of their condition. Through this, recovery and coping are aided.

Our Stroke Centre focuses on

Diagnosing and treating patients

Optimising the quality of treatment
Identifying risks and reducing complications

Rehabilitation and support services