Advanced cardiac diagnostics & interventions

  Level 3 of Block C

The Cardiology Centre is supported by cardiologists, cardiothoracic surgeons, vascular surgeons, and a team of specialised nurses.

We offer a range of life-saving treatments at the Cardiology Centre where the modern, aesthetically pleasing design will make you feel at home.

The advanced diagnostics, cutting-edge cardiac intervention and surgeries, emergency care risk assessments, rehabilitation and educational programmes offered at the Cardiology Centre are central in the treatment of heart patients in need. The private and semi-private suites and cubicles further offer patients top-rated care in a comfortable setting.

Heart Centre Facilities

Our new state of the art Cardiac Unit boasts:

a 24h-hr cardiac catheterisation lab
with bi-plane facilities

a cardiac theatre

a 12-bed cardiac Iintensive care unit

a 30-bed cardiac ward