Management Clinic

What does DiabCare offer?

  • Experienced, qualified healthcare professionals.
  • Integrated services to ensure optimal management of diabetes and weight control.
  • Cost effective services at medical aid rates.
  • Use of minimally invasive technology for glucose monitoring.
  • Highly effective individualised meal and lifestyle plans.
  • The latest available medication for diabetes and weight loss.

Who would benefit from our services?

  • Type 2 diabetics on insulin or tablets.
  • Type 1 diabetics, including patients on insulin pump therapy.
  • Diabetics who are pregnant.
  • Pre-diabetics.
  • Patients seeking effective weight-loss solutions.

A team approach to best patient care for diabetes

Diabetes/Weight Loss Clinic

Diabetes Educator
Woundcare Specialist

Contact Diabcare

 Tel: 033 342 0631
Rooms: Level 2, Block C, Room 203 & 211
Midlands Specialist Private Hospital
162 Masukwana Street, Pietermaritzburg

Dr Esspo Solomon
Dr Essop Joseph Solomon
Specialist Physician
and Diabetes Management Specialist